TNS President Teaching at University of Utah

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TNS President Teaching at University of Utah

Dave Norwood Returns to Alma Mater to teach at the David Eccles School of Business

Salt Lake City, Utah; September 19, 2012 – Citing a desire to give back to the community and to help train the next generation of IT professionals, Dave Norwood, President of Trusted Network Solutions, is teaching an advanced course, Networking and Servers, at the University of Utah this semester. This is the first year Norwood, who earned his MBA in 2005 from the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business, is teaching as an Adjunct Lecturer at his alma mater.

In addition to his course at the U., Norwood is in his fourth year as an Adjunct Lecturer teaching a senior-level class (Networks and Data Communications II) at Weber State University. Between the two courses this semester, he is instructing approximately 85 students on both undergraduate and master’s tracks. “The reason I started teaching is I wanted to give back to the community,” Norwood said. “Quite honestly, I enjoy teaching. Also, I wanted to give students the skill set we need. By me teaching, I’m able to influence what students are walking out of college with. It’s to help better the employment pool, which helps TNS.”

Norwood had always wanted to teach at the University of Utah. “An opportunity arose,” he said. “The timing was perfect.” The biggest challenge in taking on Networking and Servers at the U. was building a curriculum from scratch. “Basically, I had to choose the book and create a syllabus, and it’s been a hands-on program, so I also chose a lab manual. Just getting all that together and designing a class that students are going to be happy with, that they are going to work hard at and learn a lot at, has been a challenge. These students pay a lot of money for those classes, and I want to make sure I have a good product to offer them.”

Teaching has provided Norwood with another benefit: an even deeper understanding of the IT industry. “I truly believe that if you want to learn something, really want to know something well, you have to teach, because you have to become a subject-matter expert. As the president of Trusted Network Solutions, I every day go out and, in a way, educate customers, IT directors and managers, and CIOs on the new technologies that are out there and how business problems are solved. By teaching at the U. on these exact same subjects, it helps me become more knowledgeable and better at explaining the technologies.”

About Trusted Network Solutions
TNS is a leading Value Added Reseller providing secure network systems and solutions to the SMB and enterprise markets. TNS offers best-of-breed technical solutions acquired, installed, secured, and maintained using the most cost effective methods available.

About The David Eccles School of Business
The David Eccles School of Business became one of the first schools to gain accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Business Schools (AACSB) in 1936. The school launched the MBA program in 1957—the first between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Today, it is one of 480 global business schools to receive the highest standard of AACSB accreditation. In addition, the David Eccles School of business boasts more than 25,000 alumni and an annual enrollment of approximately 3,500 students.