TNS Helps Weber County Library System Support Growth with Juniper Networks Solution

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TNS Helps Weber County Library System Support Growth with Juniper Networks Solution

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Challenge: County Library System’s Growth Stunted by Outdated Network

Utah’s Weber County is growing, and its more than 200,000 residents depend on the Weber County Library System not just for books and research materials—the five-branch library serves as a community reference, information, and literary center for the growing county as well. It became clear that the existing network solution could not support the growing number of patrons or the growing collection of videos and multimedia materials. Additionally, the library was undergoing a pilot program for a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution that would greatly expand the efficiencies of its lean IT staff and save money.

However, the outdated existing network simply could not support such a solution. The library needed a network that delivered a huge performance upgrade, but with simplified management that would allow its IT group to do more with less.

 Solution: Juniper Networks by Elite Partner, Trusted Network Solutions

When Scott Jones, who is Weber County Library’s technology director, received the county’s approval to issue a Request for Quotation (RFQ) for a network upgrade, he turned to Salt Lake City-based Trusted Network Solutions (TNS) to help him assemble the details he needed. TNS had done a number of projects for the library system over the years, including installing Juniper Networks firewall equipment, and Jones trusted their guidance and expertise in putting together an accurate and complete RFQ. Once the project is put out to bid, however, county procurement chooses the vendor—not the IT team. “As a Juniper Networks partner, TNS helped me work through the configuration and proposed a bill of materials with absolutely no guarantee that either they or Juniper would get the business,” Jones said.

The RFQ resulted in several bids, most of which were outside the stated budget.  Juniper Networks, however, responded with a proposal for a superior solution that was actually on budget. The solution features the Juniper Network® EX4500 line of 10GbE switches in the network core, which boosts available bandwidth while providing an easier-to-manage solution. EX4500 also utilizes Juniper Networks Virtual Chassis technology, which allows multiple interconnected switches to operate as a single, logical device. TNS would also install premier 1GbE switches from Juniper Networks EX4200 line for data center servers, and 1GbE EX3300 line switches at the network edge.  Both the EX4200 and EX3300 switches support Virtual Chassis technology.

“Juniper Networks’ Virtual Chassis technology solution enables management of multiple solutions as a single switch entity,” said Dave Norwood, president of TNS. “This is important, as Scott’s team must always do more with less. This enables them to spend much less time configuring, managing, and upgrading.”

Juniper Networks Solution Expands Bandwidth, Simplifies  Management, Supports Growth, and Enables VDI

The new Juniper Networks solution from TNS not only boosts performance and simplifies management, it provides the foundation for the Weber County Library System’s VDI project, enabling Jones and his lean IT team to bring “doing more with less” to an entirely new level. With several hundred PCs dispersed across the library’s five branches, IT was constantly doing site visits to upgrade and troubleshoot these public machines and keep them running. With VDI, Jones can put a virtual copy of Windows on a data center server rather than on each individual PC. It’s protected, easier to maintain and repair, and dramatically reduces maintenance costs, but it requires a solid network infrastructure with high bandwidth and excellent performance and availability. In addition, library patrons, employees, and volunteers are all enjoying a better end-user experience because the new network is faster with higher bandwidth and higher availability.

Jones was pleased to be working with TNS on procuring and installing the new Juniper Networks solution, but a bit apprehensive about turning his back on 20+ years’ experience with Cisco platforms. His fears were unfounded, as he discovered it very easy to immerse himself in the Juniper Networks system.

The new networking equipment from Juniper Networks adds to the library system’s mix of best-of-breed solutions from different vendors.

“Best-of-breed solutions are very popular, but when issues come up they can create a lot of frustrating finger pointing,” said Norwood. “We’ve worked with Scott for years, introducing new products into his overall solution, and we’re very excited to deploy Juniper Ethernet switching gear at Weber County Library System. And while his overall IT infrastructure features several different vendor solutions, all the fingers now point at us. So Scott has best-of-breed solutions and one local partner who deals with all of it.”

“Working with TNS, I know I am not their only client, but I feel like I am,” said Jones.
“No matter if my question is big or small, they are there.”

Get a PDF version of the Case Study here.


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