Team Enhancement

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TNS Team Enhancement Proposal


With the ever increasing technical needs of a modern, successful company, the internal IT staff continues to be stretched further each year. Staff can be bombarded with user and management requests. More storage resources, higher network speeds, expanded network access, and increasingly complex applications are some of the urgent requests the IT staff sees each day. In this environment, important projects that are not urgent are not given priority. Network management, log file monitoring, firmware updates, testing backups, and network security enhancements are just a few of the important tasks that can be pushed to the side when end user requests strain the IT staff.

The fact that these important projects don’t get done can create great difficulties for a company. Network management products that could have automatically warned the IT staff of a pending hardware failure are never implemented. Critical data backups might be corrupted but it is not discovered until a data restore is attempted and fails. Security breaches are never discovered because log files are not being reviewed. There are many more real-life examples of the difficulties and costs that can arise due to non-urgent tasks not being completed.

Trusted Network Solutions offers a way for companies to complete important/non-urgent tasks without increasing head-count. TNS will provide an engineer onsite on a regular basis to supplement existing staff and get these projects done quickly and efficiently. A highly trained and experienced TNS engineer can be onsite weekly or bi-weekly, for a full or half day. This program can be customized to meet the particular needs of any firm.

The TNS engineer becomes an additional resource the IT staff can count on. The TNS engineer grows familiar with the client’s network and business practices. In addition, technical knowledge and skills will be shared with the internal IT staff.

Benefits and Advantages
The benefits to the company and IT staff are numerous and compelling.

  • Consistent access to a highly trained, experienced, and certified engineer.
  • Knowledge transfer between the TNS engineer and internal technical staff.
  • Tight focus on completing key projects quickly and efficiently.
  • Consistent, known engineering expense that can be planned and budgeted.
  • Avoidance of higher off-hour engineering rates. Work can be scheduled during extended business hours without the extra expense of higher off-hour rates.

There are many advantages in having an internal IT staff, just as there are many advantages of outsourcing. The TNS solution allows a company to have the best of both worlds. Now a company can have the advantages of a strong internal IT staff as well as an outsourced engineer.

  • TNS engineers are exposed to dozens of computer networks and associated technologies on a regular basis.
  • The cost of training and certifying a TNS engineer is spread over many companies. No company carries the cost of these certifications alone.
  • While onsite, a TNS engineer is not distracted by end user requests and routine tasks. The engineer can focus on a particular task and get it done in the most efficient manner possible.

Please contact a TNS Account Executive for a formal proposal customized to fit your business needs.

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