Burn-In Service

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New Equipment Burn-in Service

Have you ever received brand new computer equipment with out-of-date software? How about DOA (Dead on Arrival) gear? Many times manufacturers use distribution warehouses to store equipment before it is shipped to the end user. This means the software/firmware may be out-of-date when it gets to you.

Old firmware can mean known security vulnerabilities, software bugs, and/or missing features. Or, the equipment could be damaged which can create lengthy delays if not discovered right away. These issues increase the chance of a network outage if the equipment is installed without being updated and tested.

About 90 percent of today’s security breaches are preventable, according to analysts at Gartner, Inc., but known vulnerabilities continue to be successfully exploited because organizations fail to apply available patches or inadvertently misconfigure software. Microsoft released the patch that could have prevented the SQL Slammer disaster six months before that worm was unleashed, and had notified end users of its availability, yet many organizations did not heed the warning for one reason or another. Gartner predicts 20 percent of enterprises will suffer a serious Internet security incident and the clean-up costs will exceed the prevention costs by 50 percent.

In order to protect customers against old firmware and DOA equipment, TNS offers a cost effective burn-in service. TNS will load the latest stable firmware recommended by the manufacturer and will do basic testing to confirm the equipment is functioning. You can rest assured that your new gear has the latest, and most secure, software available before it is installed on your network.

Service Categories
In order to offer the best value, there are different burn-in programs based off the complexity of the device. An Ethernet switch is much easier to update than a server so it is in a lower price category. TNS classifies equipment into 3 price categories so the investment matches the complexity and benefits.

Category 1

  • Stackable Ethernet Switches (Layer 2)
  • Entry Level Edge Routers
  • Entry Level Firewalls (non-modular)
  • IP KVM Switches
  • Part number BIS-1

Category 2

  • Chassis Based Ethernet Switches
  • Enterprise Routers
  • Modular Firewalls
  • URL Filtering Appliances
  • Spam Firewall Appliances
  • Part number BIS-2

Category 3

  • Storage Appliances
  • Intel Servers
  • IP Phone Systems
  • Load Balancing Appliances
  • Intrusion Prevention Appliances
  • Part number BIS-3

Please ask your account executive to explain the many benefits of the TNS burn-in service and request this cost effective offering be added to your next solution proposal.

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