Secure Remote Access

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Secure Remote Access

Does your organization have remote workers that need access to company applications and resources on the go?

Do you have a plan in place if the offices are inaccessible due to a power outage or a natural disaster?

These problems can be solved with a Secure Remote Access solution from Trusted Network Solutions. Whether you just want access to your files on the go, or you want full remote-control access of your office computer, we can help.

With Secure Remote Access Solution, you and your employees can:

  • Securely access your work computer from anywhere in the world, on your Phone or Tablet
  • Quickly access your network files from a web browser
  • Conduct live business meetings for remote clients with live screen-sharing.
  • Give employees the ability to work from home when the offices are unavailable due to blizzard, power outages, other natural disasters. (May require collocated datacenter.)

If you are looking to accomplish any of these goals, please contact us. We have completed many of these projects and are experts in the planning and implementation of Secure Remote Access devices and systems.

We also specialize in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) which can perform the same remote access functions while simplifying network management and consolidating resources.


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