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Sitting at the very perimeter, where your network ends, and the rest of the digital World begins, firewalls are naturally the number one priority in protecting an organization from digital threats. Since the invention of the first stateful packet inspection (SPI) firewall, firewalls have not only become a best practice, but a staple for any company who can’t risk losing their critical data or falling victim to crippling attack. Firewalls control not only who enters and leaves the network, but what data and what type of data comes and goes.

Our Security Engineers have over half a century worth of experience designing and implementing firewalls to both small and large organizations. We believe that today’s firewalls must provide more than just packet inspection; that is why our firewalls look at every crucial layer of data traversing the network, including valuable Application signatures. Trusted Network Solutions can provide your organization with a Next Generation Firewall that can:

  • Perform Traditional Firewall Functionality (Permit and Deny Traffic by Specified Criteria)
  • Control End-User Web Browsing, Including End-User Application Use (i.e., allowing users to make Marketing posts on social media, but denying them from playing games on the same site)
  • Perform Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) as well as Intrusion Detection and Prevention Services (IDS/IPS)
  • Anti-Virus Scanning at the Perimeter
  • Limit E-mail Spam

These highly powerful appliances bring management teams comfort and security, as well as the ability to have granular control on their digital resources. However, they must be configured by skilled professionals who study the digital threat landscape tirelessly. Together with our Digital Security Experts, you can deploy a firewall solution that opens the door to increasing employee productivity but closes the door on Internet-born threats.



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