Network Security Overview

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Network Security Overview

For many years, organizations have been attempting to stave off criminals in their attempt to steal intellectual property (IP) and sensitive information, attack internal systems, and spread viruses and malware. Trusted Network Solutions has provided firewalls and digital security consulting to some of the most prestigious and technologically advanced firms in all of the United States, including the U.S. Military, Financial Sector, and Healthcare Organizations. However, businesses of every type and any size who wish to protect their e-mail and stored files need a certain level of protection.

We believe network security is paramount to the sustained success of any growing organization. Our approach towards network security involves careful planning, implementation of the proper digital security technologies, and ongoing maintenance to ensure that a company’s sensitive resources are protected by threats of the future. We believe in multiple layers of security, as well as a system of checks and balances, in order to provide the greatest level of protection.

Some of these layers which must be protected are:

  • The Network Perimeter
  • E-mail, Web and Application Traffic
  • Employee Desktops
  • Traffic Between Servers and Virtual Machines

We can help you achieve the level of Network Security you are satisfied with by providing:

  • Next Generation Firewalls to Protect Web, E-mail and Application Traffic
  • Antivirus Software
  • Purpose-Built Appliances (Spam Filters and Web Filters)
  • Business Continuity (VPN) to Sustain Business Productivity in Times of Disaster .
  • Virtual Firewalls to Protect Your Virtual Servers

Trusted Network Solutions provides various consulting services including Network Security Audits, Penetration Tests, and Best Practice Consulting for every industry. We also provide the hardware and software appliances and utilities you need to guard against cybercrime and digital theft.

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