Wireless Access

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Wireless Access

Wi-Fi-enabled mobile devices are beginning to outnumber desktops, and enterprise networks are shifting from wired to wireless as the primary way to connect. Whether a network is wired or wireless has become irrelevant today; organizations must be able to provide secure access to networks and resources regardless of the onboarding mechanism. Using our cutting-edge wireless systems, access privileges can be linked to either a user’s identity or his type of device, leaving your digital property secure no matter how network connectivity is granted. Employees want the freedom to bring their own device to work and access their data. We provide a mechanism for employees to achieve this, while minimizing the amount of work IT has to do to accomplish this goal.

Trusted Network Solutions has built and fine-tuned some of the largest wireless networks in the Rocky Mountain Region.  Our expertise includes:

  • WLAN installations of all sizes, from a single Access Point to hundreds
  • Military-grade security, authentication and encryption
  • Access Control down to the User or Device level
  • Ultra high speed transmission rates with 802.11ac (Gigabit Wireless) and 802.11N MIMO
  • Hard to cover areas, Wireless Point-to-Point Links,  and Outdoor Mesh

Example manufacturers: Aruba Networks® and Juniper Networks®

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