Data Center

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Data Center

Trusted Network Solutions specializes in building energy efficient, high-performance data centers that keep IT and Maintenance staff informed around the clock. In addition to providing all of the servers and network devices that your organization runs on, TNS has extensive experience building the underlying infrastructure that holds it, powers it, and cools it.

Technology Executives and Facilities Managers alike know that in addition to equipment costs, ongoing utility costs from power and cooling can be overwhelming. Also, they know that the cost of downtime (time the network and data servers are not accessible) can prevent important transactions and sales, as well as damage an organization’s reputation. Trusted Network Solutions understands this, and through their consultants and engineers, can assist you in building an energy-efficient data center that safeguards against downtime and empowers businesses with the lowest operating costs.

Trusted Network Solutions assists you in accomplishing your goals by providing:

  • “Green” data centers with hot and cold aisle containment, energy-efficient power and cooling systems and custom-designed airflow systems to keep utility costs down.
  • Environmental control and security systems that record and monitor the data center, sending alerts based on urgency via text message or e-mail to data center managers. This can be based on criteria such as physical movement, water leaks, humidity, temperature, or any number of additional items.
  • Uninterruptable Power Systems and Cummins Diesel Generators to ensure that your data center runs as long as you need it to in the event of a power outage.
  • Remote system control with IP KVM, putting the entire data center at your fingertips, no matter your geographic location.

By partnering with Trusted Network Solutions on your next data center build-out or improvement, you have a trusted advisor who will eliminate the guess-work out of building a network your organization can rely on.

Example Manufacturers: APC®, Dell/Compellent®, Avocent®, HP®, Liebert®


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