Engineering Services Update

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Engineering Services Update

Trusted Network Solutions (TNS) is always trying to find ways to better our services for you, our customer. We are excited to announce that TNS and our sister company, Stratus IT Group, are combining our service teams into 1 team. We feel this will be beneficial to you in the following ways:

• A service manager that will help coordinate all service needs

• The ability to open service tickets by sending an email

• More resources to help with projects

• More resources to help with T&M issues

We would like to introduce Kathryn Linford as the Service Manager. She will be responsible for managing your service needs and making sure that you get the right resource working on your service needs. She will be the single point of contact to communicate with, ensuring that no service needs fall through the cracks. She will also follow up with you to make sure that everything was completed to your satisfaction. Kathryn can be reached at 801-590-2637, ext. 8800.

This change only affects engineering services, you can continue working with a TNS account manager or sales engineer for product based solutions.

Another exciting feature that is now available to you is the ability to open a service by just sending an email to Once you send the email, a new service ticket is created automatically. It will then be reviewed and an appropriate resource will be scheduled by Kathryn. Our goal is to increase the response time you will receive when requesting service. This will be the best way to submit service requests going forward and you will receive the quickest response by requesting service this way. We will encourage you to submit all service needs through this email address.

With combining the service teams we now have more resources to help with service needs. We can also make sure that you are paying for the appropriate resource. In the past you may have paid for an engineer level resource to work on desktop issues. Now we will be able to have a technician or desktop level resource to work on desktop issues at a lower rate.

A small item of change that you will notice is that you will start receiving emails from both the and the domains. Many of the resources have email addresses in both domains, which you will see over the next month. As the combining of the service teams finalizes, the majority of the emails will come from the domain, which is the domain responsible for service going forward.

Again, we are excited about this new level of service that we will be able to provide. If there are any questions, please contact me at or 801-484-4500, ext. 330. Thanks for your business!!



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