Why Choose TNS?

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Why Choose TNS?

A True Value Added Reseller

TNS ManagementThere are many reasons to choose Trusted Network Solutions to be your technology partner. Trained and certified engineers, knowledgeable sales people, and a wide product offering are a few examples. However, other Value Added Resellers may be able to offer some or even all of these benefits. What makes TNS different is a strong belief in the importance of integrity and communication.

TNS is truly a Value Added Reseller. This means TNS doesn’t just “push boxes” and bounce from deal to deal. Instead, TNS strives to be a trusted technology partner with its clients. Such relationships are always built over time with honesty and integrity. The focus is on a long-term relationship with its clients. This allows TNS to fully understand its clients’ needs and avoid concentrating on short-term gains. TNS has the foresight to realize its success is dependent on the success of its clients. This deep understanding and partnership creates a mutually beneficial relationship. TNS demonstrates the fact it is a true VAR and technology partner by offering honesty, integrity, and a long-term focus.

TNS also has a core belief in communication. A client deserves a prompt and detailed response to their communications. With TNS, a client’s request for service will never be met with silence. Far too often companies take days or weeks to respond to their customers. TNS has a strict policy of responding to a client within one business day. The performance ratings of all TNS functional areas will be directly affected by their ability to meet this standard. Prompt communication is deeply ingrained in the TNS culture.

If your company is looking for a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership, TNS is the right choice for you.

Get a PDF version of the TNS Company Overview here.

Contact TNS

Trusted Network Solutions
406 Lawndale Drive
Salt Lake City, UT  84115