Customer Testimonials

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Customer Testimonials

TNS exists to serve the needs of our clients. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and having the flexibility to meet the diverse needs of all our clients. Here’s what a few of them have to say:

TNS works for us, not the manufacturers. They always have our back and stand by us after the sale. Their ability to service a broad range of projects for us with accuracy and speed is outstanding. Having a reliable partner with local presence means we can have an expert onsite to support us when we need them.

Dirk Anderson,  Former VP of Technology
C.R England, Inc


I work with Trusted Network Solutions because I trust them and know they always have my best interests in mind. My interests are put before a particular manufacturer and the short-term gains of TNS.

Kent Hansen, IT Manager
Architectural Nexus


We make an effort to find opportunities to work with Trusted Network Solutions because they truly add value to our company. TNS is there before, during, and after a project, while so many other vendors only seem to be around during the sale, if it’s big enough.

Ken Orme, Senior IT Telecommunications Analyst
L3 Communications

We have worked with Dave and TNS for over a decade because they have the technical expertise to help us find solutions that work.

James Brown,  Chief Engineer/Architect (Retired)
L3 Communications

Over the last 7 years I have worked with TNS, and during this time we have developed a working relationship beneficial in many ways. TNS has expertise in many areas valuable to us: evaluation, procurement, installation, and troubleshooting. They have made the effort to become familiar with our business, so I know I can rely on their recommendations. I view TNS as an extension of our IT department, and I know I can rely on them in an emergency. They have helped us implement many successful business solutions: backup, storage, servers and wireless. Whenever I call for information they respond quickly with accurate and complete information. They have helped many times when dealing with large vendors who don’t keep such accurate records. I have the highest opinion of TNS. I recommend them to any company looking for a business partner.

Donald Armstrong, IT Manager (Retired)
Ceramatec, Inc.

We discovered TNS when they held a seminar in Rock Springs. We were pleased to find a consulting company that wanted to do work in this area, so we hired them to do a VMware project for us. They installed and configured a Compellent SAN and two ESXI servers. They have remained in contact with us after the project, and we finished the project successfully. TNS walked us through licensing, products, and other options. Helped us come to a solution we could afford that still fit our needs. They also negotiated pricing on our behalf and handled the installation on configuration of the SAN and the ESXI servers. They followed up on (and still follow up) all of my questions and the system we bought has worked as planned since they put it in. We got what we wanted and a partner for future projects. They have a friendly and knowledgeable staff, competitive pricing, and close to Rock Springs.

Gina Davis, Computer Support Specialist
City of Rock Springs

TNS has provided us with a wireless access system that works. All I can say right now is: it is awesome! In the areas we have upgraded, we have no loss of coverage, no saturation, and no bottlenecks whatsoever! We have heard nothing but praise for the new system. Everything is going smoothly. Thank you guys very much for your help in our projects thus far. You are truly an outstanding organization.

TNS always shows up when we need them and they aren’t here bugging us when we don’t need them. They always get the best prices and they are always friendly. They never bash other VARs or products. They simply stick to their own products and do the best they can with everything.

Derek Robinson, Director of Information Technology Services
Western Wyoming Community College

I am continually impressed as I walk into our server room to see how well everything in our network works. Everything TNS has configured continues to hum along. As our network has become more complex I would have thought it would require frequent maintenance – but no. When TNS does something it is done right. That provides great peace of mind for me.

H. Paul Hyde, Controller
Midwest Floor Coverings


I am impressed with the TNS engineering staff.  They have gone above and beyond several times helping us get our new gear installed. When I’ve needed help after hours, their engineers call me back after hours and offer assistance to get us back up and going.  Thanks to everyone at TNS for being a great VAR!

Patrick Godfrey, Director of Technology
Rowland Hall



With the help and experience of Trusted Network Solutions, the complex computer network portion of our office move was a non-event.

John Norton, Former  CIO
Blu. Fuels



Thank you for everything you have done for us. It has been great working with the entire TNS team, right down to the phone receptionist (courteous and having an attitude to please the customer).

Karson Cole, Systems Administrator
Sweetwater County Government

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