Company Overview

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Company Overview

The TNS Value Proposition

The management of information systems is a highly intensive area of business that requires specialized knowledge and skills. Even the most sophisticated business people must focus on running and growing their business (core competencies) and not on the underlying technology. They need to find quality vendors of reliable and secure computer hardware, software, service, and support to keep that technology functioning to its highest potential. Trusted Network Solutions (TNS) fills this role for its customers.

Companies must consider the total cost of acquiring a technical solution. Too many times managers only consider the “hard cost” of the hardware and software. They fail to consider the real costs of evaluating and choosing the right solution to their business problem. Even worse, they may choose the wrong solution if they fail to invest enough time and effort in the evaluation process. This is where a Value Added Reseller (VAR), like TNS, becomes critical. TNS will proactively find best-of-breed solutions to common business problems. In other words, Dave Norwood and the TNS staff have the industry experience and connections required to stay ahead of the technological problems that are common to all businesses and are thereby able to evaluate and find solutions in advance of the client’s call for help. Security is a key consideration during the TNS evaluation process. TNS then shares this valuable knowledge with its clients, lowering their total cost of solution acquisition. The TNS business model spreads the cost of evaluating common solutions across multiple clients so that individual companies do not shoulder the entire cost alone. This is the most efficient method of acquiring solutions to common business problems.

In addition, companies must choose between using in-house resources and bringing in consultants to install, secure, and maintain important technologies. Hiring and training talent to manage all aspects of the many technologies a company employs can be extremely expensive. It is more cost effective to bring in engineering talent on an “as needed” basis to supplement existing staff. This can also reduce stress on sometimes over-taxed employees. TNS invests in the training of its engineers and then spreads that cost across multiple clients, and can offer knowledge transfer to in-house personnel. This is the most efficient method of installing, securing, and maintaining a new solution.

This is the TNS value proposition: best-of-breed technical solutions acquired, installed, secured, and maintained using the most cost effective methods available.

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